Easy Riders 805 Kilometers in 12 Hours

Mindaugas Norkus and Mindaugas Vaiciulis rode a total of 844 kilometers in less then twelve hours. Starting in Vysokov Czech ...
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ldr youland

Colorado and Wyoming

LDR member Ken Youland taking a break on his 500 Mile Easy Rider trip thru Colorado and Wyoming ...
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lith 9

1610 km

LDR members Arunas Dvarionas and Arturas Laucevieius as they complete the 1610 km Full Throttle Ride. They did a trip ...
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1st russian

First Russian Members

LDR members Andrew “Kotofey” Kochetov and his wife Anna “LiLiTh” Orlova finished the Full Throttle 1610 kilometers in 24 Hours ...
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lith 2

805 kilometer Riders

Long Distance Riders Arturas Laucevicius and Arunas Dvarionas on a 844 km ride thru Lithuania ...
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Neptune Beach, FL

Coast To Coast Rider

Congratulations to Konstantin Baskajev on his LDR Coast To Coast Ride. Arriving from Klaipeda, Lithuania flying into Orlando, Florida. Konstantin ...
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torch run 2

Charity Torch Run

Thanks to all the riders that made this years Charity Torch Run a great success.. Here are some of the ...
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dice ride one

The Story Of Billy and Michael

A long, long time ago, (March 6, 2010), in a galaxy far, far away, (Perry, Fl.), two young…..middle aged…….older guys, ...
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78 Years Young LDR Member

Congratulations to Marlene Plazola (our oldest member) who finished her 2nd LDR certification, 1000 mile Full Throttle, as a passenger ...
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Daytona Beach, FL To Raleigh, N.C.

LDR members Robert “B-Train” Buchko and Brandon “Bonedad” Church had a tough trip down to Daytona Beach to Raleigh trying ...
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mesa 4

LDR Riders

LDR Members Reed Kleinman and Mike Jenkins (on right) getting ready to head out for a Easy Rider 500 Mile ...
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jackson 5001

The Jackson’s 500 Mile Ride

Well we started at three in the morning from Oklahoma City and headed westbound toward Amarillo, TX. We arrived in ...
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