UAE King of the Road Challenge

All challenges starts with an acceptance. Accepting the fact that there will be difficulties; accepting the fact that it is allowed to fail, but not to turn back; accepting the fact that you will need to endure pain or stress to complete and accepting the fact that competing is more important than winning. It is with this ... More

2020 Merchandise Update

Great News for Kilometer Countries! For our riders in kilometer countries, we will now offer our 3 designation T-shirts in kilometers as well as miles. If you are already a member and want to order the new kilometer shirts, please send us an email with your request, member number and Pay Pal receipt, and we will send them ... More

The THREE AMIGOS and Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Stand

One day in the spring of 2019, a friend from Instagram named BDRider70 called me and said, “Hey Tom, are you going to that World Record Harley Parade in Texas?” I replied I would like to go and had the thought in the back of my mind of attempting something I had never done before, long distance MC riding. As if he were ... More

Kingdom of Jordan Endurance Ride Group November 8, 2019

See Member Spotlight page for more information. More

Long Distance Riding and Being Stubborn…

Text: Svein Berli Photo: Svein Berli, Bård Ivar Flageborg og Kristen Knudsen Bike powered by Motorrad This article is printed in Bike Magazine October 2019 issue. Rolf Knudsen is a member of Long Distance Riders with many LDR achievements. Rolf Knudsen from Grimstad has been riding a motorcycle ... More

Coast to Coast Challenge and Achievement

Three friends from Dubai, UAE came to the United States and completed the Long Distance Rider’s “Coast to Coast” designation on September 11 & 12. They rode from San Diego California to Jacksonville Beach Florida in 47 hours! Congratulations to Mo Kassabian, Waseem Hattar and Ahmed Elnawawi. All are previous ... More

Russia Riders

Leonid Fedoseev (LDR Member) and his friends ride from Moscow to Pskov. They are members of H.O.G. 1st Moscow Chapter Russia, making a short (805 km) trip from Moscow to Pskov to attend a party organized by friends from the Harley Davidson Club Russia. Leonid welcomes LDR members to visit Russia where there are thousands ... More

3 out of 4 Ain’t Bad! by Doni Evans

My attempt at the Long Distance Rider’s Coast to Coast achievement began at 11:30 pm on Monday (February 18, 2019). I departed from my home in Texas headed to Jacksonville, Florida. My journey involved a 3-hour ride on I-20 East to Shreveport, Louisiana. The cold rain began to fall and continued all the way to Hatties... More

A Long Distance Rider is Born! by Henrik Nielsen

When I first met Holger, he was a boy, just 13 years old and a son of one of my friends. At his young age, he already had a good eye for my motorcycle, so a couple of years later, I took him for a ride down to the harbor and back. He was tense, but who wouldn't be at age 15? As the years passed, he contacted me from ... More

The Camel Hump Trip by Ahmed Elnawawi

What started as an adventure trip to a far destination, Salalah; the micro weather spot south of Oman, became a challenge to touch the Four Corners of Oman, and to complete the Long Distance Rider’s “King of the Road” designation of 2415 kilometers in 36 hours. The ride started with a long stretch from Dubai, via ... More