Long Distance Riders requires you to complete the forms for documentation for your starting and ending point. Both the beginning and ending form must be completely filled out and signed by a witness. We have also added a log page for you to document the times and cities and towns you passed through on your ride.  (These forms are ready for download on the right sidebar for your convenience.)

Someone other than yourself must sign as a witness. Wherever you decide to start and end, we must have “official” signed documentation. Please include your witness’ name and address so we may contact them for verification if necessary.

Keep all your receipts along the way.

While on your Long Distance Ride you will be stopping along the way for gas, water, lunch, etc. Keep all your receipts as this will help to maintain a log of your route and often contain the date and time. During the Long Distance Riders review of your documentation we will be checking to see if the receipts went in accordance to the route you documented in your records to us.  For those riders out of the country, we cannot accept the name of the gas station on your receipt, it must be a city or town the gas station is in.  If it does not list the city or town on the receipt, please write the name of the town where you stopped for gas on the receipt.

We would also like for you to send us your email address and phone number so we can call if we have any problems reading or identifying your route, or need to ask you questions regarding your trip in general.

Also send your payment for certification to receive your patch, decal, frame and certificate. If you would like to purchase other items at this time, payment for these items must be included as well. Use the merchandise form for listing items you wish to purchase.  Check our website periodically as we plan to include more Long Distance Riders items for sale in the near future.

Membership Fee

The initial cost for your certification is $35.00, which includes a Long Distance Riders certificate, authentic patch, license frame, and decal.  For those riders out of the country where our license plate frames do not fit your license, we will send another LDR item similar in value.

Be sure to add postage to your total which is $7.50 for U.S. members and $20 international.
Make checks payable to: Long Distance Riders


Passengers are also eligible for their own certification by downloading and completing their own form. The initial cost for your certification is $35.00, which includes a Long Distance Riders certificate, authentic patch, license frame, and decal.


Please be sure to make your address information clear and legible.  Long Distance Riders is not responsible for any packages that have been lost in the postal system, or fail to arrive at their destination.  We take great care in mailing our certification packages and most are mailed electronically.  For our international riders, however, we have no control or knowledge of your package’s location once it leaves the US.

International Riders:  It might benefit you to check into a shop and ship service in your area, where your certification materials can be sent to an address in the U.S., then shipped to you.  Postage is often cheaper and your package can be tracked through these services.