Mamdouh Hannon

Hello everyone, I’m Mamdouh Hannon from Jordan, I start riding motorcycles since 2010 and it was a hobby for me then it became a passion, I travelled to different countries to experience riding in different cities.

There’s no better way to connect with the open road than on a motorcycle. It’s an experience like no other, with each of your senses completely engaged at all times. Exploring a stretch of a road on two wheels, gives you the freedom to take in the sights from every angle, making a scenic route even more memorable.

Long Distance Riding, is a dream for all travel junkies. However, in the beginning, it seems like a daunting task, the epitome of all great adventures, If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent many days daydreaming of being out on the road, enjoying the thrill of the wind in your hair, and your entire life.

Long Distance Riding , makes me know my limits, know when to rest and be aware of my surroundings, gave me the chance to challenge myself and knowing my capabilities, It’s not just about reaching somewhere. Its about having a trip with your friends away from the usual hustle of the city life and enjoy the peace and calm the road provides, making great and unforgettable memories that last for a lifetime and to be shared with others.
I wanna give a big applause for Mr. Vivek Mehta for his efforts, guidance and monitoring our LDR in Jordan dated on the 6th of December 2023 and make it challenging and enjoyable experience.

Finally, I recommend everyone to experience and try the long distance ride, and for me, I’m gonna do it again and again cause it’s not just a ride, it’s a journey with unforgettable memories.

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