Group picture million mile monday

2009 Million Mile Monday

Tallahasse Florida Hog Members and LDR Members ride for the June 2009 Harley Davidson Million Mile Monday. Another year and ...
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Starting out at Gosport

Luke Baglee 1000 Mile Charity Ride

I was approached by my long time friend who had just lost his son to Haemochromatosis. “I’m thinking of doing ...
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Long Distance Riders First Anniversary

LDR Members, October marks the first anniversary of Long Distance Riders and it has been a great year! One of ...
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Long Distance Rider “Vexillarius”

In 4 weeks ridin time I put 10,200 miles on my mule…8400 miles this trip and 1800 miles on a ...
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Full Throttle 1610 Kilometers In 24 Hours

Long Distance Riders, Baskajev Konstantin and Sergej Smirnov complete the Full Throttle 1610 km in 24 Hours. They had already ...
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UK Long Distance Member

Long Distance Rider Robert Roalfe earlier this year completed the Easy Rider 500 Mile Ride and the Full Throttle 1000 ...
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Easy Rider and Full Throttle Riders

Long Distance Members Kris Neves and Robert Warren riding thru Texas and into New Mexico then back during an Easy ...
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Million Mile Monday

Ten Members of the Tallahassee HOG Chapter road the 500 Mile Easy Rider certification ride on June 30th 2008. This ...
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texas charity ride


The MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION Ride in Lubbock TX. started at 4:00 AM on the 21st of June 2008. Here ...
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LDR Lith


Konstantin Baskajev, Sergej Dubrovskij, Ilja Smirnov and Sergej Smirnov LDR members during and after their certification ride ...
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peckerhead 1

Peckerhead Mountain Trip 8

June 11, 2008 the North Florida Peckerheads headed to Franklin N.C. for their 8th annual mountain trip. Seventeen riders qualified ...
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