Oluyemi Oshunkoya

Hello, I am Oluyemi Oshunkoya, the first Nigerian and one of a few Africans to ever complete and get certified under the prestigious Long Distance Riders organization for successfully completing both 1600 km in 24 hours and 2415 km in 36 hours.

Interestingly, this is an alter ego from my daily posture as what you would refer to as a Nerd (Technology Innovation & CyberSecurity), I find that experiencing the world on two wheels is both beautiful and therapeutic to the mind as I’m able to be truly one with myself, enjoying the beautiful wind on my face, and seeing sights unhindered.

Riding long distances takes you into the discovery of new bounds, your physical endurance, oneness with the bike, as well as visiting new places. I’ve ridden over 80,000km throughout my riding journey of 8 years, being a captain as well as leading other friends to achieving the same challenges.

What I love the most about being a biker is the community, love, brotherhood and oneness that all bikers share. Especially within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), countless rides, diverse biker groups of various nationalities, community projects, sharing of awesome routes, it’s absolutely amazing!

I’m looking forward to my next challenge which would be the Coast to Coast within 48 hours.

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