The Sloth and The Pitbull

2 Guys from Florida set off on an adventure to San Jose California. It all started early on a Saturday morning meeting in Yeehaw Junction, Florida. If you have never been don’t worry about it. And we were off. Headed north on the Turnpike to I-75 then to I-10. Westward bound as far as the road would take us. Passed through Alabama and Mississippi before landing in Louisiana for the night. Staying with some of the Sloth’s family we were greeted with rain and something they call Mud Bugs (Crawfish for those that don’t know.) Cajun food at its best. Next stop Denton Texas where we stayed with some of the Pitbull’s family. This group was special, lots of them and all of them full of energy. After a good night rest, we were off to try earning our Full Throttle Patch. After a quick 750 miles if there is such a thing, we decided we would do the other 250 miles in the morning. After some much needed down time and some dinner we realized the morning, and the 24 hours we needed to complete the task was going to come faster than we had realized. We forgot about the time change.

That night was a downer until we decided instead of 250 miles tomorrow lets just do another 750 and get our King of the Road patches instead. That night we stayed in Gallup New Mexico. Set our alarm clocks for 5:00am and well off to Arizona and then to Fresno, California. 1500 miles in the books in less than 36 hours. Time to take some notes and send them in for verification. Next stop San Jose.

Upon arrival in San Jose, we started planning our next couple of days. We had until Sunday before we started heading back to Florida. Trips to Alcatraz, Giants Stadium, The Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street (look it up), a couple of Harley Davidson dealers, and some much-needed relaxation. Alcatraz was special for both of us, between the 2 of us we have over 30 years of experience in the Florida Department of Corrections. I mean we did meat in prison or did I leave that part out.

The ride back was so much better than the ride there. We planned for an extra day and made time for some sightseeing. The Hoover Damn, Grand Canyon, Four Corners Monument, and some sections of Route 66 along the way. Back to the Pitbull’s family house in Texas and the last stop before home the Sloth’s family in Louisiana again. Finally making it home on Thursday evening with a suntan and 2 motorcycle’s aching for service. What an adventure. What’s next? Coast to Coast in 48? Stay tooned.

Long Distance Rider: Sloth AKA Elijah Rodriguez

Motorcycle: 2013 Harley Davidson Street Glide Chrome Yellow Pearl AKA “The General”

Long Distance Rider: Pitbull AKA Mark Mercado

Motorcycle: 2022 Ultra Glide Limited Black and Blue AKA “At Least She Ain’t Purple”

Signing off for now,

The Sloth

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