Happy New Year Members!

Long Distance Riders has been a successful venture these past 14 years thanks to you, our members.

I thoroughly enjoy hearing from all of you, and it has been a privilege charting your rides throughout the United States and into other countries. I feel as though I rode alongside of you as I documented your rides and have enjoyed learning about your experiences and your countries, and your stories. I share with you the feeling of accomplishment. I am always envious of the great rides that LDR members have taken.

Thanks to all the members who I have emailed and talked to during the many years. I value your friendship. Most of you I have never met personally, but feel as though I know you well.

In the past years we have grown. We wouldn’t be the company we are if it weren’t for our loyal members, our ride organizers, our proud riders, our charity event coordinators, our LDR web site and Facebook design teams, and our LDR behind the scenes people who create certificates, get your packages mailed efficiently, and organize inventory. We thank you and appreciate you!

We thank you to all our members, for giving Long Distance Riders the opportunity to do what we love. Thanks again to each one of you for your loyal support and your friendships.

Let’s toast to yesterday’s achievements and tomorrow’s new adventures!

Ride safe,

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