Bill and Debra Jeffries

We are Bill and Debbie Jeffries and we love to ride. This is our first Long Distance Riders Easy Rider certification. We ride long distance rides on a regular basis so, we thought we should get one certified. We even took our honeymoon on a Harley. It was a toad strangler rain on the first day of our honeymoon, but we kept on riding. Stopped now and then when it was raining so hard we couldn’t see. I’m sure people thought we were crazy, riding and smiling in pouring down rain.

We take our vacations on our motorcycles every year. We agree if we can’t go on a motorcycle, we don’t want to go there. Some destinations of interest – Moab, Utah a 10 day excursion; New Orleans, LA another 10 day ride, Tail of the Dragon, and Sturgis, SD. And this year’s vacation is a 2 week trip to Glacier National Park and Lolo pass. One of our favorite rides is northern Arkansas. We make a yearly pilgrimage there each fall. The mountain roads there are quite the challenge. Mount Nebo, Pig Trail, Mount Judea, to name a few. After we rode the Tail of the Dragon, we both agreed, we had ridden much more challenging roads in Northern Arkansas.

When we aren’t on a long distance ride, we ride day rides and weekends. It’s a passion, not a pastime.

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