2021 Endurance Ride

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Hello, my name is Mohamed Hosny, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parties who made this event come true.
Mr. Vivek for his supervision and valuable directions through out the ride, Captain Samer Hassouneh for his leadership and rightful decisions in critical times, SMT for providing all what we needed through the whole ride, sponsors that supported the endurance ride and photographer with his unbelievable talent incarnating our precious moments during the ride.
This ride is moving a step further in my riding years as I made the 805 km in 12 hours but it was not official and it was wonderful experience with wonderful people.
That’s why I needed this memorable ride to be official this time.
As distance drove by we support each other, encourage each other, even challenge each other to reach the end line together for me this is the true meaning of driving motorcycle. New people, new drivers, new friends and new roads what could anyone ask for more during his riding.
The fulfilling felt after reaching the end line was indescribable and I am eager for more, anyplace, anytime.

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