Adriano Carvalho

King of the Road Challenge, 2415 kilometers in 36 hours

I have been riding motorcycles for almost 40 years now. Started at 13 years old on a 50cc Garelli at my family’s farm. Riding just trail and big trails until 1995 when I bought a VMax and changed my style to street and travels. Never stop riding them, but had my phases from every day to once a week rides. My current bikes: Yamaha VMax 1995, Harley Deluxe 2013 and Harley Ultra Limited 2021.

I have completed some long-distance challenges before and really enjoyed how much I learn about my body, limits and the machine while accomplishing those rides. I really enjoy spending that much time riding and fulfilling some planned route. Then I learned about the LDR website and loved the proposal, the logo, and the beautiful people sharing their experiences. After that I decided to be the first Brazilian in the group, and here I am!

My challenge started at Rio de Janeiro state in Brazil, went through São Paulo, Minas Gerais, back to São Paulo and finished in the São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro border. It included: 3 states, 53 cities, 2516 Kms, 29:30 hours and 79 gas gallons at last September 18/19 2021.

I’m planning to do a new challenge next year, probably in the first quarter. On June 22 will also make an expedition starting in Seattle-WA through Canada and Alaska, Prudhoe Bay and back. Can’t wait to accomplish another long distance ride!

Greetings everyone,

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I Just can’t imagine that ride.. The road must be much better than reputed..

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