Barry Donovan

My foray into any long-distance riding began the day I registered for the Scooter Cannonball Run 2020 in early 2019. However, due to Covid-19, like many other events, this event was rescheduled to 2021 with a route change necessitated by the Canadian border being closed. This caused the route to expand to 4500 miles over 10 days.

To participate in this event, a scooter must meet 3 of 5 requirements: unit construction of engine, transmission and rear swing arm, wheels no larger than 10 inches, originally equipped with a step through style frame originally equipped with running boards or leg shield and a single engine design. My scooter was a 2006 Vespa GTS250 which met 4 out of 5 requirements as the wheels were 12 inches.

The Long Distance Rider’s qualifying ride was on Day 7 and was 527 miles of which 75 were dirt and gravel and elevation changes from approximately 3,000 ft at start, rising to over 10,000 ft and then finishing about 7,000 ft. The start was at Hot Springs, SD and traveled through parts of Wyoming and Colorado finishing for the day in Rock Springs, WY.

It was a memorable day of riding with amazing scenery and riding a scooter really allowed for one to soak up the beauty and vastness of this country.

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