Franco Busetti

While I enjoy prowling around the countryside on weekends looking for twisties, my favourite type of riding remains touring. Compared with travelling by other means, you are much more connected with your surroundings, from the smells to the weather to communicating with people, which makes it all more memorable. Whenever you stop people tend to approach and start chatting, often about bikes they’ve had and the riding they did in their youth.

My favourite riding partner is my wife, who has her own bike but usually rides pillion on the longer tours. We try to do many “normal” holidays and weekend getaways as bike trips. We’ve also done many circuits of around 3 000km within South Africa, as well as to neighbouring countries like Zimbabwe and Swaziland.

My most recent ride was a 5 000km triangle from Johannesburg up through Botswana to Namibia and then down to the Cape. The leg from near Swakopmund to near Cape Town was the Full Throttle ride. In this region one wants to minimize the amount of time spent riding in the dark as the roads can have bad stretches and animals on them. The ride took 17 hours, including some quality time spent crossing the Namibia/South Africa border.

We’ve also done touring holidays around Turkey and Portugal – the advent of GPS probably saved our marriage. Next on the agenda is more of Europe, as well as the US.

I currently ride a 13-year-old BMW K1200GT.

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