Scott Ryer Evey

I relate motorcycle riding to that of my experience in the US Marine Corps. It becomes a brotherhood of individuals that share a passion about not only the motorcycle but the lifestyle, culture, honor, pride, and family.

My riding has evolved many times over and even though I enjoy riding my Harley Davidsons they are not the only two wheels around. All individuals that ride on two wheels belong to a unique group and special in my eyes. I ride every day and taking trips is what I enjoy but the planning involved, places you see, people you meet make it all a great time.

I currently live in the California Bay area and riding here to work can be a chore even on the motorcycle, so every chance I get, it is road trip time.

If making a trip across the country I usually will do very long distance days to have more time in my destination to enjoy the riding of that area. I still work so planning with the time off available is critical. My current motorcycles are a 2015 Ultra Limited and a 2020 Road Glide Limited. I do share travels and motorcycle info on youtube as well because it is important to help each other and share experiences that will only enhance our riding as well as get people out riding.

I also travel; two up and have learned along the way what is essential to making it enjoyable for both. Rallies and events are fun but there is also something special about just seeing things across the US. Small towns, unique events, weird things people have established, and of course those quirky things. I do travel to Florida a lot as it is my home state and I have rental properties there on the East coast which makes riding there a necessity. I also support our troops when I can, and while riding go by the name “Patriotic Ryder”.

This site is a good way to get out and ride, get some recognition, and share experiences. Whatever you ride just do not let it collect dust and get out and see our wonderful country, people, and share your passion.

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