Krystof Tyl ā€“ Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Type of Bike: 2019 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited 114CI in Scorched Orange aka Daphne Blake

Previous Bike: 2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special


The first bike: When I was 16, and still at high school in Poland, I rode a German Simson scooter (SR 50) from early 1990s.
Later in my life, studying full-time, and working full time too, successfully kept me away from riding up until we moved to Australia. A while ago there was no option to transfer my licence from Poland automatically across to Australian one so I had to start over on Lā€™s with a Honda CB 250 in 2009.

Accidents: Just one, in January 2018, I was clipped filtering lanes and the bike (2012 Harley-Davidson Iron 883) was badly damaged. I sustained multiple metatarsal fractures to my left foot. It was a scare for my wife, Liza, who initially wanted me to stop riding, which I politely did … A few months later, me & The Wife, came to an agreement that I need another bike, so along came my 2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special. I kept the bike for roughly 18 months and did almost 55,000 kms (a bit over 34,000 miles) on it.

The first long-distance ride: Sydney NSW to Broken Hill NSW in 2018 on my 2017 Road King Special. This is when I got hooked on long distance riding.

The last long-distance ride: A ride across the Outback and Southern NSW, Australia in June 2020. I started at Gosford, then rode through Newcastle, Dubbo, Cobar, Broken Hill, Buronga, Deniliquin, Albury, Yass. The ride concluded at Sydney. 2717 kms (1688 miles) in under 30 hours.

A few tips when you ride in Australia:

  1. Always wear your long riding boots. In April 2020, while riding through Gibraltar Ranges in NSW, I rode over a snake. Despite me going over 50 mph, the fella still tried to bite me. My boots saved the day and allowed me to continue the ride.
  2. Think twice before riding after sunset. As exciting as it sounds, Australia is full of creatures that randomly would attempt to cross your path instead of having a good night sleep. In rural NSW you can find kangaroos, wombats, mice, rats, snakes, some low flying bats, owls. Then going further into Outback, you will spot goats, literally, everywhere.
  3. Have your satellite communicator with you. Most of the Australian landmass does not have mobile reception, just saying, so it is a must-have in case you need any sort of help.
  4. Always carry a few litres of extra fuel when riding to more remote areas. Australian, more remote, gas stations are usually not open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, so it is a wise idea to include it in your plan. During my last long-distance ride, my 2 x 5 litres jerry cans saved the day, twice.
  5. Enjoy, relax, take some photos, talk to locals. Australia is full of truly amazing, unforgettable, places, friendly people who are super keen to share a story or three.

The ride I would love to do one day: 30,000 miles over 30 days across Australia


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