A Salute to Amani (A Participant in the Jordan Endurance Ride)

My name is Amani Ammoura; I am 38 years old, and I have been riding motorbikes as my daily transportation for the past 3 years. For my love of riding motorbikes, I am always looking for new opportunities and adventures that not only add to my experiences, but also my personality.

After 3 years of riding motor bikes, I figured participating in an endurance ride sounded like a splendid idea; one that could take me to the next step of motor riding. Although this was such a great idea as it was a new experience to be done, many were bewildered and shocked of the fact that I was to break the norm of the Middle-Eastern and Arabian culture; being the only woman to participate in such an intense challenge along with 20 other males, in a community that believes that women are “the weaklings” and do not have what it takes to break borders and live the dream. I decided to challenge myself and those around me, to prove to everyone that we, as women, do have what it takes. I took this as an opportunity to make those who supported me and cheered me on, become even prouder of who I have become, as I was able to reached the finish line of the ride.

The moment I had reached the finish line, I decided to take a few minutes to salute myself, for the endurance I had to conquer such a challenge. For the will I continue to have to continuously achieve my goals. For my ability to continue dreaming, to continue accomplishing, to continue proving to all those who claim to say otherwise. To remind myself that regardless of the people who insist on putting you down, focus on those who choose to support you, and continuously pull you up to see you soring amongst the stars.

I would like to thank Coach Samer Hassouneh for believing in me and supporting me to live the experience and finish the endurance ride challenge until the end.

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Rolf Knudsen

Greetings from Norway, the land of Vikings and Bold Woman…

We congratulate you, not only on finishing with honor, but also in respect of the courage necessary to breach social norms.

We are constantly “at war” with our woman as they continue to show they have mote to offer than ironing our shirts ( here we had to learn that 50 years ago when they started welding in the shipyards)

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