The Camel Hump Trip by Ahmed Elnawawi

What started as an adventure trip to a far destination, Salalah; the micro weather spot south of Oman, became a challenge to touch the Four Corners of Oman, and to complete the Long Distance Rider’s “King of the Road” designation of 2415 kilometers in 36 hours.

The ride started with a long stretch from Dubai, via Alain into Oman, going through the plains of the Empty Quarter Desert and ending in the scenic, historical city of Salalah. After a brief night’s sleep, the Camel Hump crew pushed west, exploring a new route to them by the coast of Oman from Salalah. The coastal route was a very pleasant surprise, highly scenic, with great curvy road quality.

The final stretch was a bit more treacherous as a thunder storm hit Sur, with very strong lightning and thunder that hit the mountains along the route. Once the group arrived to Sur, rain had poured and the roads were flooded about 30 centimeters above street levels. The ‘Camel Hump’ team got split into two pairs in search of a working gas station to have the ride’s end destination log verified.

We all finally met up again at the destination hotel drenched and ready to celebrate. The four riders of our group were: Yousef J. Masharga, Waseem Hattar, Wael Jandali, and myself Ahmed Elnawawi.


Great kings of the road, well done guys, proud of you

Well done guys and congratulations

Sounds like it was an amazing adventure! The thunder part is terrifying though, glad no one got hurt…

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