Four Friends on the Road

By Rene Donkel, The Netherlands

From the 6th till the 8th of July 2018, we went to the celebration of 115 years of Harley Davidson in Prague. We are friends from our youth. During our twenties we attended many parties together. Later we got married, or not and divorced, or not. Three of us have kids. During this thirty years we have  always remained good friends. Sometimes we see each other frequently or sometimes not for a long time. But when we meet its always the same as it was back then.

So we planned a trip to Prague for a few days, men only. We had some very nice days and a lot of fun. This kind of Festival is what motor riders like. Some beer, bands and a lot of motors. Overall we drove in these day’s more then 2.400 km.

Thanks Tonny, Desmond and Ondrej, its nice to have friends like you!

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