The Story Of Billy and Michael

A long, long time ago, (March 6, 2010), in a galaxy far, far away, (Perry, Fl.), two young…..middle aged…….older guys, decided to make an “Easy Rider” run. That would be Billy Dice & Michael Hodge. The names dumb (BD) & dumber (MH) had already been spoken for I believe, so I’ll use their real names.
Now, on March 6, 2010 it was 29 degrees at 7:00 am when we started the journey. I’d say about 6 minutes into the ride, just a few miles down the road; I had started building a hatred towards Mr. Dice and his grand idea of making a 500 mile bike ride in sub-freezing temperatures.
This continued until we made our first stop for gas near Micanopy off of I-75. That is where I got the bribery picture of Billy in front of a certain establishment (see pic). Pay no attention to the man behind the mask. Not sure who that was…..
After that, the sun seemed to shine just a little brighter, it was little warmer as we continued south on I-75 towards Leesburg. We turned eastward making a ride through two lane traffic nearly becoming a hood ornament for a cager at a merge lane. Up onto I-4 towards I-95 and Daytona Beach.
We made it to Daytona Beach, by this time I had decided to give up on waving at every bike we passed, way too many for that. We parked our bikes near the first entrance we found and of course on the wrong end of the Daytona International Speedway. We ended up having to walk about 16 miles – ok maybe only about ½ a mile to the Harley section. We picked up our Bike Week pins and headed back to our bikes. Did I mention uphill, both ways.
The only other real traffic issue we had was coming north on 95 where there was an accident and every one had to get into one lane. We probably walked the bikes a good mile to a mile and a half, (not kidding this time). This probably added 45 minutes to an hour to the trip.
We stopped one more time near Baldwin on I-10 and took a minute to wolf down a sandwich, (not kidding again, it was pretty vicious). We overheard a mom telling her children that they could never watch Animal Planet again.
Anyway, we arrived home with a whole 25 minutes to spare, thanks to some clever traffic navigation and a wee bit of hedging on the Florida posted speed limit.
The rest is history.
Thanks and ride safe….
Michael Hodge

dice ride one

dice ride three

dice ride four

dice ride two