Long Distance Riders First Anniversary

LDR Members,

October marks the first anniversary of Long Distance Riders and it has been a great year! One of the highlights of my year was my ride Coast to Coast with two of my friends, Mike Scott and Red Barnes. It was a ride I won’t soon forget.

Another great ride was when a fellow rider from Texas, Eddie McWhorter, who has since become a friend as well as an LDR member, asked Long Distance Riders to certify his charity ride for Make a Wish Foundation. I rode to Texas to take part in the event and was glad to meet many new friends from Texas. Everyone was very hospitable and all really enjoyed the 1000-mile charity ride through Texas and New Mexico.

I very much enjoyed looking over your documentation and was envious of the great rides that LDR members have taken from all over the world. Some of the rides were fantastic through some very scenic places that I hope to ride and visit someday soon.

Some of the rides certified this year were in the United Kingdom where I was lucky enough to have traveled, and I was eager to trace these routes to learn more about this area of the world. Our LDR riders from Lithuania showed a passion for the road as many of them took several rides for certification this year. If you haven’t had a chance, take a moment to look at the pictures on the web site news page from some of these rides.

Thanks to all the members who I have emailed and talked to during the year. I value your friendship, some of you I have never met but feel as though I know you and hope someday to meet. One trip I will definitely make next year is to see Blane Piper and the Fredericksburg riders and plan to stop by Big Daddy Leather for Bike Night. I would also like to thank the Tallahassee members, for their support and friendships that have grown through the many miles and many laughs of our motorcycle trips.

Thank you all for making this inaugural year a great one for Long Distance Riders. Thank you too for your friendships as I feel I have known you all through your rides and your kind words.

We look forward to hitting the road as time and weather permits, and to making this a memorable and eventful second year for LDR. So far, our plans are to sponsor a Make a Wish Foundation 500 mile Charity Ride in Florida, sometime in the fall of 2009, with future plans of making this an annual event. In 2010 we look to expand this event to other surrounding states such as Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. Our Texas connection (Eddie McWhorter) plans on adding New Mexico to their state charity event in 2009 and we will give you more information as it becomes available. If anyone is interested in having a 500-mile charity ride in your area, we would love to help in any way we can. We will continue to offer our current four rides (Easy Rider 500, Full Throttle 1000, King of the Road 1500, and Born to be Wild Coast to Coast) for certification and may add another as the year progresses.

As always, if you have any ideas for rides, any pictures from your ride you want to share, or any suggestions for the web site, please email me with your thoughts. Thanks again to each one of you for your loyal support and your friendships. I consider you all my “charter members” for our first year, October 2007 to October 2008, as Long Distance Riders.

As always…
Ride safe,