Full Throttle Ride to Sturgis

This Full Throttle 1,000 mile ride was just the beginning of my ride to Sturgis! Originally I was supposed to ride with fellow LDR rider Reed Kleinman. We were going to do the I.B. Border to Border ride, then we were going to split up and he was going to do the west coast and I was going to head to Sturgis. Unfortunately he had an appointment with the doctor who told him he could not ride until some tests were ran on his heart. (so far nothing to worry about). When that fell through I decided to do the LDR Full Throttle 1000 miles in 24 hours and get to Sturgis in 2 days instead of 3 like I did last year. That was only the first leg. After Sturgis I rode across Montana on 212. Had a spiritual experience at the Battle of the Little Big Horn monument then on to Red Lodge, Mt. Two years ago I took my family to Yellowstone and we drove the Beartooth pass in our Suburban. since then I have wanted to take my bike! I made the ride that day and spent the night in Cooke City. the next day I spent the day in Yellowstone and Teton and spent the night in Jackson Hole. Spent the last night in Beaver, Ut and then crossed over to highway 89 and took one of my favorite roads to Kanab, Ut then on to Flagstaff, Az where I took my favorite road (Lake Mary) to Payson, Az and then back home to Mesa, Az! All said and done I logged 3403 miles in six days!


M J 11111

MJ 33