1500 Miles in 36 Hours

A Good Long Ride
1500 miles in 36 hours – June 2011

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No one in sight for fifty miles
Sleeping fields sigh as I glide across their spines.
If I can just reach the crest of that hill
This whole day will tumble and out the night will spill.
By Brodie Lodge and Michael Timmins

Along the road in the southwest dessert, at times I felt as if there was no one for fifty miles, or even five hundred miles. And though it was early June and I was riding in the afternoon heat, I found that magical point that we all sometimes experience on a motorcycle. It was 100 degrees when I got out of El Paso, TX headed east, but the air seemed cooler riding the speed limit in that area of 80 mph. As I drifted through portions of the Davis mountains near Van Horn, TX, the air rushed past me as if I were standing still and the earth was moving underneath me. Traffic was light and I enjoyed a hundred miles of this sense of contentment as I was doing what I loved and not thinking about the past or worrying about the future. I was in the groove – in the zone – and loving every minute! Now I’m not saying the ride was not tough or challenging. I was tired, sleepy, hungry, thirsty, cold, hot, and all the other senses we have on a 1500 mile ride over 36 hours. But for that brief period of 100 miles or so, my mind was consciously focused on the task at hand and all was at peace. No phones, no computers, no meetings, no chores – just me and the bike, the wind, the mountains, and the pavement. I like that little place in my mind and I look forward to getting there again on my next long ride.

I got a peaceful easy feeling.
By Jack Tempchin as sung by the Eagles

Randy “Harley Doc” McCamey