Tina Yeager – North Vernon, IN

Type of Bike: 2006 Road Glide

Occupation: Disabled Hair Dresser!!

Favorite Ride: All of them, I guess so far my trip to Sturgis 2011

Future Rides:2012 Sturgis trip I-70 from Indiana to Denver then North to Sturgis. I want to plan a Coast to Coast possible 2013

Interesting Facts

Grew up riding all kinds of dirt bikes with 2 older brothers in the country. Never rode a street bike of any sort till 2005 when I started dating my now husband. In 2006 he took me to Sturgis and I was hooked! That December I was in a head on collision and hospitalized for two weeks. With both knees destroyed and my right foot ripped half way off the prospect of walking was not looking good. While in the hospital we received the flyer for the 2007 Sturgis. It was a goal to make it back to Sturgis. And we did. That year Yamaha had the commercial with the saying “I wanna ride” and it rang thru my head day in day out. In the spring of 2008 I signed up for our local Abate course. From then on I haven’t looked back. 2009 Sturgis I was talking to a friend He spoke to me about the Iron Butt Association. What a challenge it would be. I started to plan never thinking my husband would let me do it!. Friday, July 29 2011 my husband and 16 year old son leave North Vernon, In at 4:30pm. I stay behind with cycle packed for my adventure! Saturday, July 30 2:00am I wake up to start my ride. After no rain in the state of IN for 2 months we have rain. REALLY!!! I call my husband who informs me he has made it to Iowa and go back to bed for a couple more hours. At 4:00am I get up once again. Rain is gone. All a bundle of nerves I get dressed and head out. Once on the road a calm comes over me and the adventure begins! I start out planning on doing 200 miles each leg of the trip. Tank only would do 180 it took about 3 hours each tank full. 20 ½ hours later 1250 miles under my belt I pull into Glencoe Campground, Sturgis South Dakota where my husband and son were awaiting my arrival. A slice of pizza, drink and off to bed for a few hours sleep to awake in the morning for the final 250 miles. It was the ride of a lifetime. Cant wait to do it again.

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