Sean “Wolf Rider” Kester – Fate, TX

I’ve been riding the crazy streets since the mid ’80’s, but only got super serious about the lifestyle in the last 5 years. In February of this year, I bought my dream machine and I’ve averaged better than 1500 miles per month with Wolfie II.

Type of Bike: Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra, in the fastest color – vivid black.

Occupation: Director, Supply Chain Management, for a 1000 bed hospital in Dallas, TX. I’m the guy who makes sure the nurses and docs have everything they need to help people heal, while constrained by budgets. I work so I can ride!

Favorite Ride: April 2011, my bro Ron “Scrapes” Clanton and I ran out west (over 3000 miles). That trip is where I certified the 1000 and 1500 mile rides. Within that ride, we picked up our wives in Vegas and rode up to Zion, UT for a few days of absolutely beautiful riding.

That was my favorite, but I love riding anywhere, anytime, for any reason. I commute on my bike, and take short and long trips regularly. A lot of fun is had running to various rallies and benefit rides. Any time I get to have the Harley running strong and the wind in my face makes for a better day.

My 500 mile intro into this sport was in October ’10. On that journey I rode a Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster – a Hugger no less! – from LA, CA back to Texas. That was a fun, solo journey and it set my addiction to do more of these challenging rides.

Future Rides: Ron and I are planning our C2C in 48 for the Spring of ‘12, but I’m really looking forward to making a 500 mile/12 hour run this September with my youngest son and my little bike buddy, Ryan.

Interesting Facts: I’m completely blind and ride using an advanced, military grade, sonar system located in the shark nose fairing. Just kidding, but wouldn’t that be cool!

Now the true part: When I bought my first street bike (’84 Honda V30 Magna) in Phoenix, AZ, I somehow bypassed my stupid teenage brain and signed up for riding lessons. Being young and cash poor, I found a very reasonably priced individual who provided private, one-on-one, lessons. I took lessons from a lady older than the grandparents I was living with, and she had a funny English accent. She knew her stuff, and to this day I recall the lessons and points she made. She told me a tiny bit about her adventures, but I was too young and dumb to really appreciate her. I took riding lessons from Theresa Wallach.

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