Matt Penttila – Charlton, MA

Type of Bike: 2006 Honda PS250 Big Ruckus (250cc scooter) and 2012 HD XL883N 883 Iron

Occupation: USPS Building Equipment Mechanic

Favorite Ride: Laconia, Americade, The one I have yet to ride!

Future Rides: 2012: Central MA to FL, Tail of the Dragon, 1000 Mile around New England and NY

Interesting Facts

I’ve been riding for years but only became “legal” a couple years ago. I ran old Hondas through the woods, power lines, etc. Then in 2010 a friend got me out riding 125cc scooters during a camping trip, setting me on a track to run legal,ie licensed, and then in 2011 I bought the Big Ruckus, and this year I bought the Iron, mainly because I didn’t care for running WOT on the highway with the Big Ruckus for my daily commute (WOT constantly twice a day for extrended periods of time isn’t good for a motor ) I’m also working on making my Iron an under 12 second ¼ mile bike along with a LD riding bike.

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