Eric Chill – South Africa

Type of Bike: Kawasaki ZX9R

Occupation: Self Employed – Refrigeration

Favorite Ride: Not really sure which ride is the best, I just like riding and things change with the mood from day to day. It does not really matter as long as itโ€™s a ride ๐Ÿ™‚ Recently did a ride of about 8000 kilos which took me to 24 points around south Africa, it was really interesting and got to meet some and see a lot of people and things one would never see in the usual way of life.

Future Rides: 2012 I want to do the full throttle ride, hopefully early in the year

Interesting Facts: I have a thing about bikes and the ZX9 Ninja, I have started a project to build a ZX9 ninja street fighter now and hopefully I will get to do a long distance ride with it, the road and long distance is the ultimate in life for me and I just wonder what people do with them selves if they do not have bikes to ride, strange I guess – is a bit more

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