Arturas Laucevicius – Lithuania

Type of Bike: Sports tourer Yamaha FJR 1300

Occupation: Trading director in oil business

Favorite Ride: King of the road ride – just because it allows really test your self and your bike. As well if you riding with friends or so that’s a best test as well. After this long ride you have a very nice movie in your head. In my case I have movie called “around the Europe” and can recall from my memory views of lots of places we passed, some how it recorded very deep and nice quality…?. Very interesting to pass different countries per one day or so, than you can easily compare them from different points of view. In our case it was Germany, Nederland’s, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal.

Future Rides: Nord cop Norway, Collecting all Lilliputian countries to one trip San Marin, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Andorra, Monaco…etc, Slovenia, Croatia. 66 route and might be coast to coast.

Interesting Facts: Like to sing in my helmet when riding long distance usually it happens from 4 to 6 am 🙂

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