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Emile D. "Red" Barnes, III - Crawfordville, FL

Emile D. “Red” Barnes, III – Crawfordville, FL

Type of Bike: 2007 Harley Davidson Ultra Occupation: Manager / Owner Demolition Contracting Company Favorite Ride: I remember the night ...
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Robert Roalfe - Warwickshire, UK

Robert Roalfe – Warwickshire, UK

Type of Bike: 2001 BMW R1150GS Occupation: Deputy Headteacher (Special School) Favorite Ride: The Next One! I started riding 26 ...
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Konstantin Baskayev - Klaipeda, Lithuania

Konstantin Baskayev – Klaipeda, Lithuania

Type of Bike: 2008 BMW K1200 LT Occupation: Manager, Survey Company “Inspectorate Klaipeda” Favorite Ride: Coast to Coast in 2010 ...
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Mike Scott - Tallahassee, Florida

Mike Scott – Tallahassee, Florida

“I rode the inaugural Coast to Coast ride for LDR with Jack Powis and Red Barnes – Jacksonville, Florida to ...
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