Daniel Stuprich

Hello, My name is Daniel Stuprich, From when I was young, always like the idea to ride long distance motorcycle trips, I started riding motorcycles mid 80’s in Argentina when I bought an old bike 98cc, a Puma ’56 , 2 strokes, it was beat up, noisy and really not pretty but I didn’t care what others said about it because “ I have a motorcycle to ride when and where I wanted ” .

Since that time I had few bikes and I liked all of them. As a youngster I had bullet bikes, years later (more than one will feel related to these reasons) done with college, got married, working over time, and then kids, not much time to ride, but even in that little time I found fun riding dual sports bikes. Now in my 50’s, I turned to more straight riding position, also (real reason here) because my loved kids are older and my wife lets me spend more time riding, I just changed to touring bikes for Long Distance Rides as I always wanted, currently I am riding a BMW K1600 GT, it’s an amazing machine.

I live in Utah, USA, and as in many other places, we have snow from November until March, right now, all riders in this areas are looking to the bikes, cleaning them, fixing something or doing maintenance, just waiting for spring to start melting the snow to ride again, in my case, around the beautiful Rocky mountains.

Every time I ride somewhere I like it more, that’s why I decided to start making holes in my busy schedule and ride the different challenges that Long Distance Riders certify. In September 2020 I rode the 500 miles in 12hs and the experience was very nice, then the 1000 miles Full Throttle and also accomplished the King of the Road 1500 miles in 36hs, which was a really long trip, but I enjoyed every moment.

I always remember something that my dad told me a long time ago “Plan your trip, ride safe, nod to other Bikers and enjoy every time you ride, if you like to ride your motorcycles, you will never need a therapist” . I love to ride and enjoy every time I do it, for this reason, I wish all riders, no matter where you are, a safe and happy time riding your bikes. Enjoy life!

One more time I want to thank you Jack and your team for the great devotion you have for safe motorcycling, certifying bikers from around the world.

Daniel S.

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Sounds like you are talking about my life brother, great description, and beautiful pictures. I like the part when you said ” if you like to ride your motorcycles you will never need a therapist” – it’s great-
I wish you the best.
Happy and safe ride.

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