Gokul Pradeep

805kms in 12hours, Easy Rider challenge with a Ninja ZX-10R in Tamil Nadu, India 06 September 2021

Hi, I’m Gokul Pradeep P, 32, from Tamil Nadu, India. My love for motorcycles started at a very young age. Always fascinated at riding on two wheels. The young boy’s love for motorcycles came true at 21 when I got my first motorcycle, a TVS Apache RTR 180.

Then in 2014 I bought my Ninja 300. Learned a lot about riding with my 300. Did a lot of memorable tours and rides with my 300. As time flew by, the young boy became a man and the man finally realised his dream. Got my hands on a 2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R.

My brother who completed the Easy Rider challenge in 2019 on his KTM RC 390 asked me to try this challenge. Initially, I thought of doing it with my Ninja 300. Later, I went on and browsed through Long Distance Rider’s members list and found that just 3 ZX-10Rs have done this challenge. So I thought, why not do this challenge on my ZX-10R.

So everything came to fruition on 06.09.2021. I planned to start the ride a bit early, but I was able to start around 8.45 AM only. Started at Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu. I planned to complete the ride in 8 hours. The climate was very good, but there was a lot of construction work going on the highway which hampered my ride.

Finally I touched the 800kms mark in 9 hours. Since I had a lot of time left, I took some rest and finally completed the ride at 838kms in almost 10hours.

It was a great experience for me and opened the door for trying endurance rides. Looking forward to completing the Full Throttle ride. I have also shared my experience in my youtube channel – Dashcam Dasher.


Congrats Anna.. by your public relations officer P.R.O ❤️❤️

Any Ninja owner knows it’s a great tour bike when you first get the feel.. My 2009 1000ccm is a trustworthy, although thirsty ride. Even with me pushing 70 yrs.

Done 1600 km and 2000 km in 24. The 2400 in 36 still alludes me though.

These “challenges” are ultimate man and machine experiences.

Think it’s really great to see all the riders in India. And doing India on a Ninja is not for the faint hearted..

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