Samer Hassouneh – Road Captain and Organizer of Jordan Group Endurance Ride – November 8, 2019

I, Samer Hassouneh, am an international instructor of motorbike riding.

When I started, I believed that motorbike riding should take riders to the next level. I decided to launch an annual endurance ride to encourage and promote the youth of Jordan regardless of whichever province to which they belonged.

I figured endurance rides truly provide new opportunities for the riders to tour around Jordan, mesmerizing the beauty of our homeland, as well as challenge their skill of endurance.
This endurance ride consisted of 22 members, 21 male and 1 female member, and covered many different categories, as well as different brands of motorcycles.

This last endurance ride that took place was such a miraculous experience, as the weather was just perfect to ride along Jordan, enjoying our autumn climate and beautiful greenery along the way.

The gas stations we passed on our way also helped and supported us as soon as they knew our plan of reaching 1,000 km.

We gladly had everything fully planned and organized; a specialized nutritionist also instructed us as to what meals should be eaten for the endurance ride to prevent the possibility of feeling both lazy and fatigued. Our trailer was also supported and fully equipped with all the handy first aid kits that may help in case of the presence of different emergencies. What was also quite impressive were the mechanical preparations that we covered a week before the ride.

We had decided to raise awareness to the members to let them know of the challenges, hardships, and obstacles that may come their way during the ride. They were also recommended to abide by a certain sleep routine; where they were told to sleep earlier and wake up earlier in return, as well to sleep an approximate 8 hours daily, making sure they protect themselves from possible fatigue.

Our endurance ride takes place annually, during the month of November, as this is the month of suitable weather here in Jordan. Gladly, I have been planning annual endurance rides for the past 7 years, as we had reached a maximum target of 1,170 km, during this year’s group riding, whereas most other years lie between (1,000-1,100 km).

I continue to believe that motor bike riding in general – and endurance rides in specific – are true goals. I aim to get the opportunity to continue planning more rides that will help in achieving many goals.

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“Kermit” Rolf

Congratulations and well done‍♂️

Being ambassadors for this somewhat unusual type of riding is important.

The need for understanding the safety measures, general logistics, planning, nutrition.. Etc is paramount.

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